Restore Your Core:
Get Your Body Back After Pregnancy & Childbirth

Restore your Core with individualized rehabilitation at The Center for Pelvic Floor and Core Rehabilitation.

The core (abdominals) and pelvic floor muscles are stretched during pregnancy and delivery (both with vaginal and C-section delivery).  These muscles do not automatically return to their former strength.

New mothers who rehabilitate their stretched abdominals and pelvic floor muscles experience fewer bladder and bowel problems later in life.  Based on these studies, post-partum rehabilitation is standard in many European countries.

The Program:

• One-on-one session with a Women’s Health Physical Therapist who performs specific strength and flexibility tests 
• Individualized goal-setting and rehab planning
• Weekly rehab sessions tailored to your goals

You can start as soon as the “all clear” from your obstetrician approximately 6 weeks after delivery. 

However, even if you delivered months or years ago, it is never too late to restore your core and pelvic floor!


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