What patients have been saying!

"I am a physical therapist and knew that 50% of persons perform their pelvic floor exercises incorrectly.  I was amazed what I learned from my therapist at The Center for Pelvic Floor and Core Rehabilitation!" -Denise, weakness after childbirth

"I wish that my doctor had told me about this ten years ago!  I am so happy I don't have to wear pads or take medicine any more!"     
                            -Pat, urinary incontinence

"I was nervous but my therapist was very nice.  She was very professional and caring." 
                            -Allison, vulvodynia

"I am a fitness instructor...Thanks for helping me get my body back after 3 kids!"
                            -Joan, post-pregnancy weakness

"I was able to quit using pads 2 months after prostate cancer surgery with their exercise."
-Darryl, incontinence after prostate surgery

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What patients have been saying!

"I can't thank them enough.  I couldn't urinate at all after surgery.  They told me it was similar to the loss of function after knee surgery.  So with exercise, I was able to void again and avoid surgery again." 
-Jean, post-bladder sling surgery

"I didn't believe my doctor when they referred me to PT for my constipation.  She told me my pelvic floor muscles weren't acting right.  My PT showed me how to make them work right when having a bowel movement.  I went from spending 45 minutes on the toilet to 5.
-Joe, functional constipation/obstructed defecation

Success with physical therapy in Ohio:

"They gave me my life back"
                - Brett, prostatitis


Phone: (513) 463-2518 Fax: (513) 755-3444 
Email: pelvicfloorcenter@oxfordpt.com